If you are doing business, it is not enough that you decide to sell your products and let the people try them. You would find your customers coming in if they like the products initially. On the other hand, if they no longer like the product, they would certainly decide to stop going to you because they found out that your products are not the best. They would certainly decide to find another product provider which would make sense to their needs. Hence, it is imperative to employ user and experience management this time and finding the right team is what you need to do. 

You have to certainly consider the fact that user experience and customer experience management is both different things. User experience has something to do with the way the prospect clients approach your online platform to buy your products. Customer experience, on the other hand, has something to do with the way the customers have used your products. Since you are operating online, you provide the means for clients to buy your products in a very convenient way. But, the issue is on how convenient their experience is. 

What you have done is to provide a website for them to easily buy the products. They do not have to approach you personally because they can simply browse the site, make some clicks, and wait for the information telling them that they have successfully bought the products. What they have to do next is to wait at the comfort of their homes for the products to be delivered. If not, you have provided them an app where they can freely browse and immediately buy products. If they found out that the website and apps you have are slow, they would certainly look for another site that would accommodate them well. 


Customer experience companies come when you take time to call them or even text or chat them about how they find your products. If they found out that some of the products have defects, you should be able to provide them means on how to contact you. Therefore, you need a team that would develop those apps and would be courteous enough in talking to them online or over the phone to ask them about their experience. You even need to find a team that can be a grievance committee when something wrong happens to the clients while using your products.