User experience has played a significant role in this big platform. The majority of the companies in the market are now using advertising as a way of informing the clients out there about the products that they have manufactured. Customer experience consultant help the customers understand about the products by putting up websites and make their products known through these websites and platforms and also as a way of publicizing these products altogether. 

Different companies have coming up with all different products they can bring out to the market. This is an act that has put smiles on the customers' faces and also in their lives. Everybody in this new era wishes and desires to have the latest product in the market and from the leading companies present. The big question comes in where we ask ourselves how the end consumers will get to know about the new products having the latest technologies and how they can get them. 

When a future end user of a certain product, say a mobile phone visits a website of the very manufacturers  of the phone he/ she wishes to get, he/ she gets to come across the pricing of the cell phones, the process of sale there is and also how the consumer can reach the product if there is need to. This all is involved in the user experience platform. The strategy of user user experience testing is the one that helps customers understand the products better, their prices and how they can get them. 


After the client has the knowledge he/ she was seeking about the product they needed, and they are okay even with the pricing, then they can decide to acquire the product. When the product is received by the user, and he starts using the product, this is where customer experience applies or comes in. For instance, if a certain user has acquired a laptop from a particular company and he cannot understand how to switch on the machine, he may call the customer care center of the company concerned to get some help. This, however, is customer experience consulting as the user is explained on how to go about the switching on of the laptop. Customer experience consulting specifically aid users on how to have an efficient interface with the products they acquire for these products may be utterly new from them. The strategy put there in by the customer experience companies do help many who even can attest to that about how to go about understanding the newly acquired products better.